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  • Young athletes who require ACL reconstruction may benefit from additional procedure

    In the largest clinical trial of its kind, researchers at Lawson Health Research Institute have shown that performing an additional surgical procedure called lateral extra-articular tenodesis (LET) may reduce the risk of ACL re-injury in young athletes.

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  • Tips to improve posture

    Researchers have linked bad posture with some uncomfortable health conditions and a high risk of injury, especially during exercise.

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  • NBA Finals injuries are a game-changing warning for an aging America

    I'm a basketball fan, although I didn't closely follow this year's NBA finals because my New York Knicks were about as far from being on the court as you can get and still be in the same league.

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  • Marathon Training

    At the Langone Orthopedic Center on Tuesday July 23rd, exercise physiologist Heather Milton and physical therapist Bethany Ridenhour will discuss how to establish and progress an effective training program to optimize your performance and prevent injury.

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  • Sports Medicine Symposium: The Modern Athlete

    On June 10-12th at Lake George NYU Langone Health hosted Sports Medicine Symposium: The Modern Athlete, a three-day symposium on current practices and innovations in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions used for recreational and elite athletes. The course reviewed the current literature and highlight the latest management principles for the endurance athlete, the overhead athlete, and the young athlete.

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