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  • Sports Medicine Division hosts the 2018 AANA Traveling Fellowship

    AANA travling fellows event

    This year, the Sports Medicine Division had the honor of hosting the annual Arthroscopy Association of North America Traveling Fellowship.

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  • Jymmin: How a combination of exercise and music helps us feel less pain

    Pain is essential for survival. However, it could also slow rehabilitation, or could become a distinct disorder. How strongly we feel it depends on our individual pain threshold. Scientists have discovered that this threshold can be increased by a new fitness method called Jymmin. It combines working out on gym machines with free musical improvisation -- and makes us less sensitive towards physical discomfort.

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  • Getting Back into Fitness After a Foot or Ankle Injury

    Whether you suffer from a chronic condition that makes you more prone to foot and ankle injuries or you’re recovering from an elective surgery as a result of trauma to your foot or ankle, the process of maintaining fitness while you recover can be frustrating. I can certainly understand. I am currently recovering from a foot/ankle sprain and microfractures in three different joints — an injury I suffered during a fall while running three months ago. I know that when you’re used to being active, it’s hard to stay off of your feet, but allowing ample time for healing and recovery is critical in order to reduce your risk of re-injury. Here’s advice from both HealthCentral and rehabilitation specialists on how to make the most of your recovery.

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  • Incidence of and Risk Factors for Knee Collateral Ligament Injuries With Proximal Tibia Fractures: A Study of 32,441 Patients

    Proximal tibia fractures are associated with concurrent collateral ligament injuries. Failure to recognize these injuries may lead to chronic knee instability. The purpose of this study was to identify risk factors for concurrent collateral ligament injuries with proximal tibia fractures and their association with inpatient outcomes

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  • 2018 AAOS Annual Meeting Award

    AAOS 2018

    The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons held their Annual Meeting March 6-10 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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