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Thank You Ortho Team Challenge!

 Thank You Ortho Team Challenge!

Those workouts were NO walk in the park!

But, it was all worth it. The 2014 Ortho Team Challenge raised $10,793!!!!! Thanks to all the participants sincerely for all of your hard work, both fundraising and the immense team work that was required in the competition. Here is where we ended up:

Team Name

Total Dollars Raised

Team Jazrawi/Zuckerman $5,265
The Interns $1,225
Gotham Surgical $1,000
F.O.O.S.H. $976
SPEAR Physical Therapy $890
Old School $675
Nutz and Bolts $280
HJD Bone Breakers $140
6 Amigos and a Sewer Drain $100
Bunionettes $100

So thank you all for making such a huge impact! Thank you to Dr. Jazrawi and Dr. Zuckerman for really taking this event to the next level. We truly appreciate all the support NYU has given MDA!

If you have any really good photos or stories to share, please use #MDAorthoteam14 to share your photos on Twitter and Instagram!

Contact Details

333 East 38th Street
New York, NY 10016

Ph: (646) 501 7047